Our Services

Surface-mount Technology (SMT)

Wave / Manual Soldering

SWire Harness

Cable Assembly

Manual Assembly / Box build

With YBS's extensive expertise and capabilities, we are fully equipped to provide comprehensive assembly services to our esteemed customers.
Our dedication to excellence and commitment to deliver high-quality solutions ensures that we are prepared to meet all our customer’s assembly needs efficiently and effectively.

SMT / PCB Assy in Cleanroom

SMT Line 1 with Yamaha Mounter (L Size)

SMT Line 2 with Panasonic Mounter (M size)

SMT Line 3 with Panasonic Mounter (M size)

Wave Soldering Line 1 & Line 2

JT WS-450 Wave Soldering Machine

The wave soldering machine will optimize the assembly of through-hole components, ensuring robust and reliable solder connections.

Laser Marking line & ICT Tester

Laser Marking line, enables on PCB with laser marking barcode to serve for PCBA traceability purpose.
ICT Tester, enables functional testing for PCBA according to the customer requirement.

X-Ray Machine & BGA Rework Station

X-Ray Machine, ensures precise alignment of BGA or LED components, detects soldering issues (solder voids or bridges), and verifies hidden connections.
BGA Rework Station, enables the removal and replacement of BGAs without damaging the circuit board, ensuring proper functionality.